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Virtual Connect Stacking issue

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Virtual Connect Stacking issue

Fabio had a VC stacking question:




Hi everyone,

I am looking for some wisdom. WHAC with a c7000 with the following configuration,


Bay1      Virtual Connect 10/10D

Bay2      Virtual Connect 10/10D

Bay3      Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10G/24

Bay4      Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10G/24





If we configure a Flex-NIC on the Mezz card, that interface doesn’t have any Ethernet connectivity. I’ve checked that. If I move the Management interface of the ESXi server from the Mezz card to the LOM card, everything goes fine. There is no Ethernet traffic going through the Vertical Stacking from the Flex-Fabric to the 10/10D and the TOR switches.


Is this stacking configuration supported?

I couldn’t find anything on the cookbooks saying that this stacking is not suppoted.


Any help or advise would be appreciated. If additional information is needed, please let me know.




From Steve:




Fabio, your configuration is supported for Ethernet. 


However, which “Domain Stacking Mode” did you select when you installed VC?  If you selected Horizontal or Primary Slide stacking then you will need to change to FULL Stacking for this configuration to work.


VC User Guide – Page 229


Assuming Full Stacking, then the VLAN’s in SUS-A and SUS-B should be visible to ALL FlexNICs.


As for FC, SAN-A should be connected to an FCoE port on Bay 3 ( or5, not sure which bay the module is in) same holds true for SAN-B, an FCoE port on Bay 4 (or 6).


Also, what cable are you using for Stacking?  Is this an HP branded DAC cable?  And, what Network Adapters have you selected for the “FLB” and Mezz cards?