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Virtual Connect under Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM)

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Virtual Connect under Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM)

Alexander had a VCEM question:




Hello Team!


I have Customer, that uses two c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connects under VCEM+ICE control.

Now their Central Management Server (CMS) broke and they can't control VC because VCEM is unreachable.

Can I take control of VC via VCM without Maintenance Mode in VCEM?


Thank You,




Eirik replied:




Yes, you can telnet to the VC modules and do a release if I don’t remember incorrectly


I believe the command might be something with external manager, just do a telnet\ssh to the master module and do a help.




And then Eric joined in with more info:




“Show external-manager”  will get you the external manager user name.


“remove external-manager UserName=yourusername”  will release the external manager. 


There is more to the remove command regarding setting the MAC & WWN ranges that is optional.  Seek out the Virtual Connect Manager CLI Guide for your firmware version.




Hope that helps and all your CMS systems stay alive.