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Virtual Connect (VC) and Server Serial Number Settings

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Virtual Connect (VC) and Server Serial Number Settings

Question from Stefan:





It is possible to switch from Static to Virtual Server Serial Number. However on a domain, even if it is in maintenance mode, that option is greyed out.

Any way to do this, apart from delete the domain and start over?




From Dan:




You have to delete all the profiles from the domain if I remember correctly to unlock those settings.

But Maintenance Mode = VCEM, so I am not sure if that’s what you meant or what differences may exist there.




And input from Dave:




Dan is correct in deleting the profiles.


I would recommend taking a backup first, shutting down all servers(needs to be off to apply), change/select the virtual range and then you could use SSH to re-apply the profiles.


This is why I always recommend that a site use virtual SN, WWN and MAC addresses at the start or creating the VCDomain. They can always use the factory settings when creating a profile…






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Re: Virtual Connect (VC) and Server Serial Number Settings

Hi, Information given by Dan & Dave are correct and I add that HP recommanded to use VC.


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