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Virtual Connect (VC) config to support Citrix Provisioning Server

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Virtual Connect (VC) config to support Citrix Provisioning Server

Robert had a customer question:




One of my customers has been having issues implementing the Citrix Provisioning Server with Virtual Connect Flex-10.

It’s taking 15 minutes to boot up (I assume the target machine).

Citrix is telling them that they’ve seen this issue with regard to "port fast" settings.

The VC is being connected to a Cisco 3640 switch.


Anyone play with the Citrix Provisioning Server & VC before or have any suggestions on how they should set this up ?

They have been running their VMware environment on many enclosures setup this way in the past without any issues.


It just seems to be something unique to the Citrix stack being added to the equation.




Reply from Joe:




Find out if they’re using OpenVswitch. If they are, they need to turn it off and use bridging. This has nothing to do with VC.




Other comments?