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Virtual Connect VC-FC SAN Fabric behavior when an uplink is added

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Virtual Connect VC-FC SAN Fabric behavior when an uplink is added

Terri wanted to know how the VC-FC SAN module works when you add a new uplink:



With VC 2.31 or 2.32/1.40, what happens if you have configured VC with just one uplink port and later add another?


1. Do the existing Server Profiles automatically/eventually get updated?


2. If they don't get updated, do you have to remove the VC SAN Fabric from the Server Profiles and add them back to reflect the new uplink port(s)?



So Chris provided the answers:



The behavior depends on how you have the VC-FC configuration made, if it's static then adding ports will change the next login based on device location in the enclosure.

If you have dynamic adding a new port will not automatically adjust logins across the new ports.  You would have to do that manually with the redistribute login button when you select the VC-FC fabric name.

You will not have to remove any fabrics from the profiles nor do you have to shut down any hosts to get them to work across the new ports.


The redistribute will cause a momentary halt to server IO as the port is moved but that's it.  Should not be noticeable by the host os or any users.



Have you tried this? Any issues?