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Virtual Connect (VC) multi enclosure Stacking, Base enclosure lost!!

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Virtual Connect (VC) multi enclosure Stacking, Base enclosure lost!!

Esa asked the question:




Now I thinking again. Is it so:


On VC enclosure stacking: possible active VCs are located only on “Local enclosure” Bay1 and Bay2.

If “Local enclosure “ fail; no one “Remote Enclosure” does not ‘promote’ itself to as “Local Enclosure”


So moving profiles from dead enclosure to alive enclosures is impossible, If the dead enclosure was the “Local Enclosure”


If so, Creating two separate server environment by using VC stacking is not making sense :( ????????????????????




Vincent replied:






Multi-enclosure stacking is not made to provide enclosure redundancy. And BTW, neither is VCEM: if a domain is entirely unavailable, you also cannot recover its server profiles on another domain in the domain group.

But the point is that you don’t just “lose” an enclosure. You could imagine taking an enclosure down for some maintenance activities but that should only be a temporary condition (and a rare one at that), and during that time as you noted servers in other enclosures would still have their I/O flowing (assuming the uplinks were not all on the downed enclosure).

Neither multi-enclosure stacking nor VCEM are appropriate solutions for disaster recovery, we have Insight Dynamics for that.




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