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Virtual Connect (VC) pre-defined MAC and WWN ranges

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Virtual Connect (VC) pre-defined MAC and WWN ranges

A VC address range question from Amr:




Hello Experts ,

Is there a way to know what are the WWNs that will be assigned to a new server profile created before assigning it to  a server bay . that of course with Knowing the pre-defined range that is used in that VC domain

What is the rule of Assignment of the WWNs ?




Input from Dan:

As far as I know it goes in order, so you would need to find the most recently created server/WWPN and then the new ones should come immediately after.  Unless you are at the end of the range in which case it will loop around and use any unused WWPNs it finds as it scans through the list again.


You don’t have to assign the profile to a slot though (unless something changed).

You just need to create and save the profile (with FC or FCoE adapters) and the WWPNs should appear in the profile.


And from Chuck:

While I hate to disagree with Dan….


Since you asked about a VC Domain, that would mean VCM is the manager.  With VCM as the manager, the WWNs and MAC addresses have come from the lowest number available in the range. 


So as Dan said, if you have created your profiles in order, you could just look at the last profile built and you can see what comes next.


However, if you have deleted a profile, then those numbers go back to the available pool.  The lowest number that is in the pool would be used next.




Other comments?