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Virtual Connect VLAN limits

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Virtual Connect VLAN limits

A customer  had a situation where they needed a high number of VLANs to support a hosted service provider environment. So, they need to know how many VLANs did Virtual Connect support.




Info from Fred:




It was great talking with you this morning. Here’s a snippet from the Virtual Connect 3.70/3.75 User Guide regarding VLAN capacity:


VLAN Capacity

When creating a new domain in VC 3.70 or higher, the option to select Legacy VLAN Capacity mode is

disabled and reverting from Expanded VLAN Capacity mode back to Legacy VLAN Capacity mode is not

allowed. Domains that are upgraded from VC 3.30 that contain the Legacy VLAN Capacity mode setting are

upgraded to Expanded VLAN Capacity mode as part of the VC 3.70 or higher firmware upgrade. To

maintain compatibility with VC 3.30 domains that have Legacy VLAN Capacity mode enabled, the VCM CLI

maintains the current functionality for the VLAN mode. This also allows the use of existing scripts that

manipulate the VLAN capacity.


Expanded VLAN Capacity mode allows up to 1000 VLANs per domain. The number of VLANs per shared

uplink set is restricted to 1000. In addition, up to 162 VLANs are allowed per physical server port, with no

restriction on how those VLANs are distributed among the server connections mapped to the same physical

server port. There is also a limit of 162 VLANs per server connection. However, you must take care not to

exceed the limit per physical server port. For example, if you configure 150 VLAN mappings for a server

connection (FlexNIC-a) of a Flex-10 physical server port, then you can only map 12 VLANs to the remaining

three server connections (FlexNIC-b, FlexNIC-c, and FlexNIC-d) of the same physical server port. If you

exceed the 162 VLAN limit, the physical server port is disabled and the four server connections are marked

as Failed.




Any other comments or suggestions?