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VLAN Maintenance question between Cisco and Virtual Connect

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VLAN Maintenance question between Cisco and Virtual Connect

Charlie had a customer question come up:




Hope you guys can assist me with my customer's concern. 

Below is a description of a potential issue that they are having with the Virtual Connect fFlex-10’s and the Nexus 7000 integration and their Virtual Trunks.


Some customer background info.


They  currently uses a pair of 6509’s (Cisco layer 3 switching – soon to be replaced with Nexus7000’s).  One handles VLAN’s in our DMZ’s.  The other our CORE.  There are virtual trunks that extend from these into those regions in our data center.  Some of the VLAN’s within those two separate trunks have the same number (i.e. CORE VLAN 100 and DMZ VLAN 100). 

 They were told that those trunks could be terminated in the Cisco 5010’s that we purchased and wired accordingly utilizing the Virtual Connect Flex-10’s.

 The brief paragraph below describes what they are now being told are the conditions for doing that.


What I’m looking for is a way to terminate these trunks into the 5010’s and to wire them into the chassis/blades in a way that additional VLAN’s can be introduced from both trunks into the blade environment to service virtual servers in either the core




Ken replied:




Each shared uplink set can have duplicate VLANs.  Virtual Connect will keep them separate regardless of the VLAN ID.




Any other comments or suggestions for Charlie and his customer?