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What is the default "VLanTunnel" value in VC v3.51 ?

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What is the default "VLanTunnel" value in VC v3.51 ?

Phillipe had a VLAN and Tunneled question on Virtual Connect:




Can you tell me what is the default value for “VLanTunnel”?

I need to know because a given network behaves strangely on a customer site.


I cannot see it with the command “show network”:


->show network Network_VLAN965

Name              : Network_VLAN965

Status            : OK

Smart Link        : Enabled

State             : Enabled

Shared Uplink Set : SUS_HPCL02

VLAN ID           : 965

Native VLAN       : Disabled

Internal ID       : 15

Private           : Disabled

Preferred Speed   : Auto

Max Speed         : Unrestricted

Color             : orange

Labels            : heartbeat




Reply from Vincent:




A network that is part of a shared uplink set cannot have tunneling enabled. I suspect that is why you don’t see the tunnel attribute in your show network command. You would see it if your network was dedicated (not part of a SUS).