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Guidance in Server backup

Occasional Contributor

Guidance in Server backup

Hello all, maybe there is someone that can help with some case studies.
We are on a small island just under the hurricane belt in the caribbean.
I have 2 servers in 2 seperate locations. Both of them are HP Proliant ML350 G5, one acting as the main production server. At this moment i am working on a backup solution. They are both running VMware server 1.05 and testing currenly the ESX option.
My blueprint will be:
- Both server in VMware
- daily create databackup
- weekly/montly create virtual server backup
- remove the virtual server backup offsite

In case of disaster of mainserver
- move backup server to production location
- import the backed up virtual server in the backup server
- restore the daily created databackup

Is this guide a normal procedure?

Janto Djamin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Guidance in Server backup

You have vmware server so you can look to plan for VCB ( Virtual consolidated backup)

This will create a snapshot of your virtual machine and in case of disaster you can restore can also move snapshot to offsite .

You can look at vmware site and there any many backup vendor which provide this.