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Bind our static ip to cloud


Bind our static ip to cloud


We are in cloud and our customers don't want to move in new static IP for login cloud server, so is it possible to bind their own static IP with our cloud. So that customer login their own ip with cloud. Is it possible. It would be very helpful for me if you send something for me.



Re: Bind our static ip to cloud

Hello Kevin,

Is this question still accurate? 
If so what cloud are your referringabout? An HPE (Private) cloud like AzureStack/HPE Helion or more something from an other vendor that we sell as well?
Could you shine some more light on your question? LIke you like to use your own IP range for hosting instances or applications on our cloud? As if that is the question then you can assign your own range of pooled IP addresses belonging to your tenant to your instances; it all would depend as well on the list of IP's available to you from your ISP and how you can make those available as your own subnet in  your own cloud (with the correct virtual routing if needed on the front).

Feel free to respond back for more context! Or mark it closed if this is no longer a discussion point.

Cheers, Jeroen Kleen


(I am an HPE employee)