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A5800, X240-SFP+ 3M Cable, X520-DA2 Intel Nic = Failure

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A5800, X240-SFP+ 3M Cable, X520-DA2 Intel Nic = Failure

We have a couple A5800 Switches to support SFP+ 10Gb networking. For the servers we picked up X520-DS2 nics. Hardware wise we get link lights from the switch over to the NICS.


However, the Intel Nic's Drivers are faulting and disabling the card saying 'unsupported SFP Module Detected'.


Talked with Intel about this and they are saying that HP isnt identifying their SFP EEPROMs correctly, so their Driver is dumping the card due to that.


we are demanding a fix from HP on this, as the cables are listed to support these cards, So I expect some inhouse testing was done to prove that?

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Re: A5800, X240-SFP+ 3M Cable, X520-DA2 Intel Nic = Failure

Purchased Equipment that pertain to this concern:
HP ProCurve 2910al-48G-PoE Ethernet Switch J9148A
HP ProCurve 10GbE SFP+ Expansion Module J9008A
HP ProCurve Direct Attach Cable - SFP+ - SFP+ 3M J9283B
Intel X520-DA2

HP NC522SFP Dual Port 10Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter does not support Windows 7, although the Microsoft HAL indicates the card is supported, the 2 NIC ports are not!  We found this out the hard way.

Intel's X520-DA2 does support Windows 7.  Our requirement is to attach the Win7 PC to the HP Procurve switch and are concerned about the recent post.


Please let us know that this has been resolved. 


(it would help if the NC522SFP supported Win7-64)


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Re: A5800, X240-SFP+ 3M Cable, X520-DA2 Intel Nic = Failure

HP usually does not support workstation OS on server grade hardware.  I doubt 10 Gbps support will happen for Windows 7 anytime soon.   HP does not support teaming on workstation OS either. 


You might want to use Addon SFP+ cables instead of HP.   They are much less cost and tend to be more open standard.  Just add -AOK to the HP cable part number.