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Baseline 2948-SFP Plus - dosn't work tag's VLANs

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Baseline 2948-SFP Plus - dosn't work tag's VLANs

Hi, all!

The problem is simple!

It is necessary for me on the switch to unite ports in VLAN. Thus it is necessary, that some ports were in different VLANs.

It is necessary to me that separate ports existed in several VLANs. I do them "tags". And so, as soon as port I translate in the status "tags" - ping vanishes, the link does not go. Back I deduce in "non tags" - all works, pings go (only thus port either in one or in other VLAN? that me does not arrange)...

(Router doesn't exist in my LAN)

How with it to struggle?



Super Advisor

Re: Baseline 2948-SFP Plus - dosn't work tag's VLANs

In order to reach hosts in differente VLANs is necessary to route among the VLANs created. Since there are no routers in your environment that are connected to these switches,  the hosts will only reach the hosts that are in the same network segment. You have to install a router or a L3 capable switch in your environment.


Fred Mancen