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HP 5500EI SFP+ module port purpose

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HP 5500EI SFP+ module port purpose

Hi all,


We are in the process of buying 8x5500 EI 48pt's.   We have a question regarding mixing CX4 and SFP+ and the 


We understand that the cable length limit of CX4 is 3mtr.  This is a problem as two of the switches will be about 5-6 mtr apart.  We were looking at connecting 7 of these together using CX4 and to create the ring buying 2x SFP+ modules.


I undertand that the SFP+ module can be used for IRF using either DAC cables or transceivers/fibre.


Also Hopefully we can mix CX4 and SFP+ in an IRF domain? 


Our question is, is it possible to use 1x10Gb port of the SFP+ module for IRF (using DAC) to span the distance and the other 10Gb port with a transeiver as part of a LAG for uplink?


Many Thanks!




Re: HP 5500EI SFP+ module port purpose


The transceiver's form-factor (XFP, SFP+, CX4) does not matter when you are using IRF, all that matters is that you are using only 10GbE interfaces for the IRF ports, and they are interconnected properly.

The second question - yes, you can make the second SFP+ port an uplink, you do not have to use both for IRF.
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