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HP 5930-32QSFP+ 40Gb to 10Gb breakout cables

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HP 5930-32QSFP+ 40Gb to 10Gb breakout cables

If we are utilizing the 40Gb to 10 Gb breakout cables on a HP5930 switch, is it possible to configure 2 separate port channels ((2 x 10 Gb) x 2) utilizing the 4 x 10 Gb cables?


Thank you.



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Re: HP 5930-32QSFP+ 40Gb to 10Gb breakout cables



when you issue then command

 using tengige


on your fortygig interface, you get 4 independant interfaces.

 I assume you can make port channels from these as usual between two Ten-gig interfaces.



Example I have a HP 5900


If i do:

interface range forty1/0/49 forty1/0/50

 using tengige



and reboot (required),


I get 8 ten gig interfaces: ten1/0/49:1, ..., ten1/0/49:4, and ten1/0/50:, ..., ten1/0/50:4


the BAGGs:


interface bridge-aggregation 1


interface bridge-aggregation 2



interface range te1/0/49:1 te1/0/50:1

 port link-aggregation group 1


interface range te1/0/49:2 te1/0/50:2

 port link-aggregation group 2


Should work.



Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
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