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HP 7900 Switch change brand

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HP 7900 Switch change brand

We have a S7910E switch running with R6701 firmware. After we change brand to dasan, we can't found the command to change back to hp brand. May I know any other way that can fallback to hp brand?


Before change brand

<S7910E>brand ?
3com Set the BRAND to 3COM
dasan Set the BRAND to DASAN
h3c Set the BRAND to H3C
hp Set the BRAND to HP

After change brand

<S7910E>brand ?

 % Unrecognized command found at '^' position.


Re: HP 7900 Switch change brand

Hi Edison!

Unfortunately, this is not one of those commands that you should be playing with.  The brand command is there for specific reasons and as you can see makes changes to various aspects of Comware.  For example, the CLI change that you discovered and changes to the SNMP MIB to reflect the newly selected brand.

The only suggestion that I can make to you is that you need to open a support case with us so that we can elevate the issue to Engineering to see if there is a workaround that will allow us to set the brand back to HP.  I cannot make any promises on a solution at this point.  This will need to be investigated.



I work for HPE

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