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Missing information in HP 10504 manuals for firmware 12xx

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Missing information in HP 10504 manuals for firmware 12xx

I am now looking after a HP 10504 network switch that I've inherited (along with a high performance computing cluster attached to it, of course!).  I've installed the latest firmware that I am able to run, version 1208P03.  And I've been busy reading the reference and installation manuals for this switch.


Unfortunately, the manuals seem to be incomplete in some areas.  Three items spring to mind immediately:


1. There is no mention of a web interface in any document, as far as I could see, nor that there is a way to enable it.  Google being our friend :-), I've discovered, of course, that "ip https enable" does the trick.


2. There is no discussion of the subcommands in "ip https".  In particular, how does one attach a CA-generated certificate to the web interface?  I still have not figured this one out.


3. There is no discussion at all about the "pki" commands, nor (as far as I could see) the "ssl" commands.


Will HP be looking at fixing these issues?  Thanks!

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Re: Missing information in HP 10504 manuals for firmware 12xx



Yes, this seems to be missing indeed from the 12xx manuals.


Since it is following the main comware 5.20 code, you can get a temporary workaround through other switch manuals (like 5120 / 5500HI / 5800) .

This is a sample for the 5120 (from h3c site, but it is a single chm file, which is quite convenient):

The sample contains the Web Interface , PKI etc command sections.


Not sure for the 10500, but most other switches recent firmware supports self-signed cert for the https server now.

Just enable ip https server and it should work. If not, you will need to go through the (not so easy) pki config.


Since it is really missing, I would recommend to report it through HP Support,


Hope this helps,Peter