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Trouble shooting EVPN with HP 5940

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Trouble shooting EVPN with HP 5940

Hi guys~

I configured my HP 5940 to setup EVPN connection to other devices but it doesn't seem worked correctly. 

BGP connection look good to me

[HLC9105IT.HP5940.LEAF.01]display bgp peer l2vpn evpn

 BGP local router ID:
 Local AS number: 64512
 Total number of peers: 3		  Peers in established state: 3

  * - Dynamically created peer
  Peer                    AS  MsgRcvd  MsgSent OutQ PrefRcv Up/Down  State       64512      306      437    0      37 00:33:23 Established       64512     1008      429    0      88 00:33:23 Established       64512      635      429    0     139 00:33:23 Established


However, when I check evpn route mac, some problems happened here.


[HLC9105IT.HP5940.LEAF.01]display evpn route mac vsi _contrail_VLAN692
Flags: D - Dynamic   B - BGP      L - Local active
       G - Gateway   S - Static   M - Mapping        I - Invalid

VSI name: _contrail_VLAN692
MAC address     Link ID/Name    Flags   Nexthop                   
fa16-3e39-9a03  0               DL      -                   
fa16-3e19-eadf  0               DL      -                   
fa16-3eac-dced  -               BI       
fa16-3ef2-b66c  -               BI       
fa16-3ecc-fdfb  -               BI


Some routes are marked as Invalid so when I display l2vpn mac table, their mac address are shown. Only Dynamic routes are shown without any EVPN routes.

[HLC9105IT.HP5940.LEAF.01]display l2vpn mac-address | i Tunnel
fa16-3ed2-769a Dynamic  _contrail_VLAN653               Tunnel1007      Aging   
fa16-3ee0-f257 Dynamic  _contrail_VLAN653               Tunnel1003      Aging   
9c37-f499-6dd4 Dynamic  Auto_L3VNI333_7                 Tunnel1015      Aging   
e036-76ce-6904 Dynamic  Auto_L3VNI333_7                 Tunnel1003      Aging   
e097-9615-8ac5 Dynamic  Auto_L3VNI333_7                 Tunnel1006      Aging   
e097-9616-5926 Dynamic  Auto_L3VNI333_7                 Tunnel1007      Aging


I wonder how can I trouble shooting this problem, because I want to know why evpn route mac is Invalid.

Thank for your attention!


Re: Trouble shooting EVPN with HP 5940


Please send me configuration, let me have a look. 


Occasional Contributor

Re: Trouble shooting EVPN with HP 5940

Hi Arun-Mysore,

My configuration look like this one:

Thank you.