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Trunk link between JC100A and J9772A - advise

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Trunk link between JC100A and J9772A - advise

I have a JC100A as my core switch.

I have a J9772A switches in my network. I use two J9772A switches to connect three servers, two sans and a proxy to the core switch.

I pushing all that data through two 1 gig links to the core. I have two switches for failover mostly but the two links does increase bandwisth. My question is can i trunk the port to team up the connection to the core switch. I know I can do it JC100A to JC100A as an aggregated link and I know i can do it J9772A to J9772A as a trunked link. I'm not sure how to set it up JC100A to J9772A. My hope is to have two 1 gig links to the core per switch to get 4gig bandwidth to the hardware connected.

Sorry if my theory is wrong here I'm under the unstanding I can combine two ports into one to push through more data to the core.


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Re: Trunk link between JC100A and J9772A - advise


On your core switch you can configure for example (with vlan 1 as pvid)  :

interface Bridge-Aggregation1
 description uplink
 link-aggregation mode dynamic

int gig 1/0/1
port link-agg group 1
int gig 1/0/2
port link-agg group 1

interface Bride-Aggregation1
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 10 20
port trunk pvid vlan 1


On your procurve switches you configure the same (with vlan 1 untagged as pvid): 

trunk 1/1,1/2 trk1 lacp
vlan 1
untagged trk1
vlan 10
tagged trk1
vlan 20
tagged trk1


You can check if it is correct configured by using following command on the core switch:

dispaly link-aggregation vebose bridge-aggregation 1

There should be een S (selected) symbol behind every interface



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Re: Trunk link between JC100A and J9772A - advise

That did the trick. I was doing the core switch correctly but not the procurve.

Thanks for the help