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Array detecting bad drives on DL380 G3

New Member

Array detecting bad drives on DL380 G3


I am having an issue with the 5i+ Array on a Proliant DL380 G3.

I have 4 drives (2x36GB and 2x300GB). I have created two mirrors. A few times per week, one of the drive fails. I just need to reseat it and it is OK. But, the next day, another drive fails. Again I reseat and it's fine. I am thinkg about a bad Array Controller. I ranned Insight Diagnostics and I got:

a. Physical HD 1 – Sequential Read Test Failed
b. Physical HD 2 – Sequential Read Test Failed
c. Physical HD 1 – Random Read Test Failed
d. Physical HD 2 – Random Read Test Failed
e. Physical HD 1 – Short Offline Self-Test Failed
f. Physical HD 2 – Short Offline Self-Test Failed
g. Physical HD 1 – Extended Offline Self-Test Failed
h. Physical HD 2 – Extended Offline Self-Test Failed

Then I powered off the server and unplug/replug the SCSI cables. I reran the Insight Diagnsotics and it ran with no errors. But I am pretty sure that it will report a failed drive soon.

Anyone saw that issue?