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BL25p G1, SA 6i wont rebuild Mirror

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BL25p G1, SA 6i wont rebuild Mirror

I have a BL25p Blade server with embedded SA6i and BBWC. Configuration was RAID0+1 with both SCSI disks (72.8 15K). HP SIM alert indicated problem with the local storage controller. I logged into the server and found Array A with Logical Drive 1 was indicating interim recovery mode. The disk in slot ID 1 showed up under the SA 6i controller as unconfigured. The disk itself had no LED's on. I've swapped the suspected disk with a spare and the Logical Drive 1 still shows interim recovery mode. I have also reseated original disk and rebooted server after removing power, to see if this would force a rebuild. Suspecting a faulty spare disk, I replaced it with a 2nd spare. This still shows up as unconfigured space under the SA6i with the Array A, Logical Drive 1 showing up as interim recovery mode.

The OS is Windows Server 2003 R2, Ent. Ed. 64bit. The SA 6i is at FW 2.68, ACU is Disk FW is HP05. A good BU has been down. Short of erasing the config in the SA and rebuilding the server, anything else I can try?



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