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Connecting a MDS600 to a DL380G8 Server

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Connecting a MDS600 to a DL380G8 Server



Is it possible to connect a MDS600 disk array to a Proliant DL380 G8 Server..?

We have checked with HP presales and various whitepaper, that point to the MDS600 only is compatibale with older controllers for the G7 series servers (P812, P411, etc).. which is surprising, as they support older MSA60 and D2600 disk arrays with standard SAS.


The reason why I ask, is that we have just bought a new SAN (HP 6350), and want to use our "old" MDS600 array as online backup feature (Hyper-V Replica) at another location.

We are planning to buy a new DL380 G8 server that can host this SMB share and possible run some VM's in case of main site failure. The new G8 server should have a P222 controller with an external SAS connection to the MDS600.


The following test paper from HP mention the MDS600 attached to gen8 controllers:



See note section 7:


(7) Rapid Parity Initialization of configuring 2 TB HDDs in MDS600 (70 drives) as a single RAID5 volume with Smart Array P411 controller vs. Smart Array P421 controller. New Smart Analytics allow new algorithms that start the parity initialization on all drives in parallel vs. serial method previously.


 Can anyone confirm if it will work..??