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EVA4100 to 6100 migration plan

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EVA4100 to 6100 migration plan

Hi Folks,

We are planning our migration from EVA4100-2C4D to EVA6100-2C6D with the following material:

- Loop switch pair
- Command View Upgrade for 6100
- 2 new drive enclosures + disks

And here is our general plan:

0. Backup data
1. Shutdown hosts and EVA4100
2. Disconnect loop cables from existing enclosures, keep EAB connections
3. Connect controller device ports to loop switches
4. Connect existing enclosures to loop switches
5. Power on EVA6100 and management server
6. Check/rescan Command View, install new license
7. Power on servers
8. Add new enclosures and disks one by one (on-line)

Our downtime window is pretty reduced, about 1 hour.

Please, may you share with us any insight about this?

Any help will be vastly appreciated,


Valued Contributor

Re: EVA4100 to 6100 migration plan

I'm assuming this is a data in place migration (you are not moving to another EVA in another cabinet).

Few quick thoughts:
- I would not plan on just one hour of application downtime; especially with moving cables, you might have some troubleshooting todo, and at our site, we had one eva where the HP FE skipped out after the install too quickly, and it took over a day of follow-on troubleshooting to fix things.

- it looks like you will wind up with all your new disks in the new shelves, which is not optimal from an RSS perspective. You might want to consult with HP re moving around the current disks prior to inserting the new ones. As I understand it, disks are tracked by their wwid, and the data *should* still be accessible even if moved to a different bay (slot).

Although I have not done a data-in-place migration like this before, I would find out if the controller wwid's would change, as that could require new zoning.
check out evamgt.wetpaint.com and evamgt google group