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HP StorageWorks d2600 enabling drive spin down

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HP StorageWorks d2600 enabling drive spin down

Hi all,

I recently purchased a StorageWorks D2600 disk enclosure, which is now connected to a Proliant DL360 G7 via a Smartarray P812 RAID controller. This setup is supported according to the datasheets and works well so far.

I have one question which is critical for me: is there any way to enable the HDD drive spin down feature (i.e. turn the drive motor off after X minutes) for drives located in the D2600? In my DL360, the drives go into powersave after some time. The array pulls about 200W from the wall when loaded with 12 drives, so this is a problem for me as it is idle most of the day.

I would really appreciate any help.

Best regards,

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Re: HP StorageWorks d2600 enabling drive spin down

Have you configured the RAID using SSA?

Because hardware RAID implementation is done through SSA, if that is the case, then Spindown is not possible.


Don't forget to back it up :)

Re: HP StorageWorks d2600 enabling drive spin down

Any configuration on D2600 drive enclosure is done via SSA or ACU cli utilities. Both the utilities do not offer an option to power down the drive.


However we can identify the drive activity via LED on the physical hard drive.

Please refer page 10,






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