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hpacucli hangs on ML110G5 w/Smart 200i

Occasional Contributor

hpacucli hangs on ML110G5 w/Smart 200i

I have a ML110G4 box w/smart 200i controller running hpacucli 8.0.14 successfully, my OS is RHEL5.2 x86_64 w/Kernel 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5xen.
"ctrl all show status" gives me this info:
Smart Array E200 in Slot ATTR_VALUE_SLOT_UNKNOWN
Controller Status: OK
Cache Status: OK
Battery Status: OK

Now I installed a second box on ML110G5 with exactly the same components (apart the fact that it's a G5 mainboard), but now hpacucli hangs on the same command. Upgrading to the newest hpacucli 8.10-2 did not help. Starting /usr/sbin/hpacucli on the command line creates the MUTEX file, then the utility shows the welcome message but no prompt appears.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?
Any help would much be appreciated.
--Marcel Gsteiger

New Member

Re: hpacucli hangs on ML110G5 w/Smart 200i


I do have the same problem. With a ML110G4, with Centos 5.1 fully updated (so 5.2). Centos beeing directly derived from RHEL, I think the problem is exactly the same: no prompt, the command is waiting endless.
I installed hpacucli-8.10-2.noarch.rpm.

Please keep us informed.

I am at your disposal for any operations that can lead to find the bug and correcting it.

Best regards
Nicolas Frey