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Make Raid 1+0 with two MSA1000


Make Raid 1+0 with two MSA1000

Hi all,

Some customer, wants to make a RAID1with two MSA1000.
Each MSA1000 has 6 SCSI disk with RAID5.
With this configuration, they have RAID5+1.

The server is DL585 with two HBA FCA2214. I think I need two HBA if I want to create this kind of RAID5+1 ¿no?

¿I need to interconect both MSA1000, one to another? ¿Or only conect each MSA1000 to the HBA wich takes the control of the MSA?.

¿Can I make the RAID1 trought the ACU?

Thanks all.
Honored Contributor

Re: Make Raid 1+0 with two MSA1000

ACU only works on a per MSA basis. In order to accomplish what they want is use a soft RAID. They will have to combine both MSA LUNs in a OS then Mirror them.