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MSA 2012 SNMP monitoring


MSA 2012 SNMP monitoring

I try to monitor an old MSA 2012fc G1 array through the SNMP protocol.
I found some articles about it with some MIBs and OID trees, but I am not able to get any more useful information from the MSA. I can ask the array for some basic information - location, name, firmware revisions etc. But I rather want to get the operational info of it - like warnings, errors, critical events etc.

The articles pointed me to these OID entries: with the last number of 3001 (info trap) to 3004 (critical trap)

But my box did not answer anything upon this request (snmpwalk and snmpget commands).

I searched on and on and found some experimental OID subtrees - which got me some more info, but still without operational events. These events are stated at OID detailed descriptions but the snmp query returnes nothing. I suppose it should return null or any other value, but nothing?

Can I ask if anyone know exact OID number which can get these information from tha MSA box?

Thanks in advance.

Ondrej Kocourek
Czech Rep.
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA 2012 SNMP monitoring


As far as I know you wont be able to use snmp get for your porpase. 

The OID is for snmp traps...

So basically you need to configure the MSA to send traps to a snmp trap listener and look for this oid (

Good luck.