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Replace 147GB HD with 300GB HD

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Replace 147GB HD with 300GB HD

We want to replace our 147GB HD's with RAID 1, with bigger HD's of 300GB. We cloned the 147GB HD's to 300GB HD's. But the Server doesn't started. So we put the 300GB HD's to the expansion Slots (2x147GB and 2x300GB) and made an Array of them. But this is not the expected solution. We want to use only the 300GB HD's in a RAID 1. How can we do that?
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Re: Replace 147GB HD with 300GB HD

You must provide more details, what server? What storage controller?

In SmartArrays you can replace one 146 GB disk with one 300 GB disk, let it rebuild, then replace the other and let it rebuild. Then you'lk need to create a new logical unit or extend the existing one.