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Shared D3700 between two DL380G8?

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Shared D3700 between two DL380G8?

Hi.  We have two DL380G8 that are maxxing out their storage (25 disks).  HPe rep says we can purchase one D3700 and two P421 RAID controllers and hook them up to the storage chassis.  We should be able to present disks (1-12) to one server and the rest (13-25) to the other server.  This doesn't sound right to me.

I have a feeling both servers will see all the disks and the potentional to step on each other. Is there some method to split the backplane that isn't in the instructions?


Re: Shared D3700 between two DL380G8?

Hi Sgnaess,

I would request you to refer to the below links.

HPE D3000 Quickspecs : https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=c04227611

Maintenance and Service Guide : https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=emr_na-c04220021

User Guide:  https://www.istoragenetworks.com/servermanuals/HPE-D3600-D3700-Disk-Enclosure-Maintenance-Service-Guide.pdf

As far as I know it is not possible to split the backplane connections.


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