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SmartStart V5.50 And Maintance Disk

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SmartStart V5.50 And Maintance Disk


I obtained an old ML350 G2 Server and want to reconfigure it. Although the previous owner gave me two floppy's with the array utility i cant use them as they are no systemdisks.

Tryed to reinstall the ACU on the floppy's doent work out so i think the floppy's are done with. I cant even format them anymore and i dont have floppy's around anymore.

I tryed downloading both SmartStart V7.10 and V5.50 but the V5 is a download of appertently 400MB although prepairing it to burn shows a file less then 40 MB and while burning there is an error. Retryed the download 4 times (2 times on a other PC) with the same result.
In other words its broken some where and i cant fix this.

The V7.10 does burn in the right way but lacks support for the 2-DH Smart Array card.

So im back to have the V5.50 but i cant get it installed properly. how can i fix this has someone a working version online?

Second Question is when i download the maintaince disk and put it in the server it says that no content has been installed so i cant update the firmware. How can i fix this?

Cheers from Holland,

Johan Vermeulen

ps. Sorry for my bad English
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Re: SmartStart V5.50 And Maintance Disk

Probally the wrong place to asked moved elsewhere.