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VA7110 - can only make 100gb worth of luns with 300gb space

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VA7110 - can only make 100gb worth of luns with 300gb space

Have a user that is trying to set up 4 luns on a VA7110 and gets the 'invalid capacity' error message.

There are four 73 gig drives in the va, after setting up 3 luns at 30 gigs each, creating the 4th one give the invalid capacity. dsp -d shows 293 gig total drive space.

I had the user create smaller luns, he can make 10 luns at 10 gigs each or 2x 45 gig luns but nothing over 90gigs. All green leds on the controllers, no warnings, all drives are seen and in 520 block size.

The array has been formatted and has a 10g lun 0. created the luns via the following:

cfg -L 0 -a 10G -g 1

cfg -L 1 -a 30G -g 1

cfg -L 2 -a 30G -g 1

cfg -L 3 -a 30G -g 1

cfg -L 4 -a 30G -g 1
Cannont create lun invalid capacity.

I'm probably missing something simple. Any Ideas?
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Re: VA7110 - can only make 100gb worth of luns with 300gb space


4x 73GB disks will give you a raw capacity of 292GB - that's right.

For redundancy (RAID1) you will loose 2 disks - this gives about ~146GB.
Depending on the protection level you will loose more space for redundancy and the array will use finally some space for its own work.
So you will get ~100GB for your data.
For details run
armdsp -a

Following the recommendations you should only create a small LUN0 (~10MB) and never use this for data (especially in a multi server environment).

Hope this helps!

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