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VAAI Support on EVA6400

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VAAI Support on EVA6400

So I've been fighting through the mass of HP sites and SPOCK and cannot find for the life me any documentation regarding the support of VMware VAAI and HP EVA6400....


I thought a few weeks ago I had read some release notes for firmware stating there was support, but now however, it appears the only firmware listed is the 10001000, which doesn't mention VAAI at all...?


So my question is, is this supported?  and if so, what firmware do I need to go to?


And if not, was it ever supported...I swear I was reading some FW release notes for 10100000 or 11000000 or something...



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Re: VAAI Support on EVA6400

Hi, I believe there was a firmware that had it - but it was then removed from public - probably because of some problem with it.


From a post by Calvin Zito on linkedin's group called HP Storage: " Calvin ZitoThe issue being addressed was the > 2TB LUN size - as I previously said, the firmware has passed our testing process and is in controlled release. If you need the firmware and can't wait for the general availability (which shouldn't be too far off), you should contact your HP support rep."


If the latest firmware for your EVA on software.hp.com does not include VAAI - then it's not out yet (again).

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Re: VAAI Support on EVA6400


Yuo can download

HP P6000 EVA Software Plug-in for VMware VAAI



and you can see the information you need