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XP CVAE6.2 Tiered storage fails install

Occasional Contributor

XP CVAE6.2 Tiered storage fails install

I am not sure in anyone has run into this yet or if there is a fix available....

When installing Tiered Storage from the 6.2 media it errors out with a code of KATS40112-E.....Log file attached.

The first time through the install it creates an XML file that the rest the of setup uses. (HTSMRepositoryVersionAndSer.xml)

It then goes back to edit that file and calls it â HTSMRepositoryVersionAndService.xmlâ .

The install then fails because the file it is looking for does not exist.

I renamed HTSMRepositoryVersionAndSer.xml to HTSMRepositoryVersionAndService.xml, reran the setup and it worked.

Has anyone seen a fix for this?