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Re: Command View License Purchase

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Command View License Purchase

Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice on EVA4400/EVA8400 in particular the command view software.......I have a few pallets of both EVA Systems that i need to test, i have downloaded the demo for P6000 Command view but it will run out shortly......

I have a quote to license it to make it legit and obviously to allow me to continue testing the EVA's which is priced at around 7,000 pounds (uk)........now these units are not being put into serviceall i am doing is checking they function properly for re-sell so i am not wanting to pay that amount of money just for a quick 10 mins test/setup, is there another software suite anyone could reccomend that i could use which would allow me to check the functionality on the units and not so expensive.............any help or advice would be very much appreciated.........



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Re: Command View License Purchase

IIRC the CV license is bound to the array hardware, so a single license would not help you.

I would install a fresh (trial) version on a virual machine, so you can restore it easily each time it times out.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Command View License Purchase

Thank you Torsten.........I had a feeling that would be the case.....I will just re-install when needed then at least it is saving me 7000 pound lol does the temp licenses still exist when you re-install the demo? I cant seem to locate them but i remember installing them previously, i got the info from a post on the forum as there is no mention in any of the installation guides i have come across.................Thanks for your help/advice Torsten