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Re: HSG80 Recursive Bugcheck.

Occasional Advisor

HSG80 Recursive Bugcheck.

Hey guys!

Have the following message coming up on our CLI during boot-up:

Recursive bugcheck detected
Last failure code: 028C0100

... and than of course, nada.

Repair action code says to contact Compaq, of course. Is it a lost cause?
Valued Contributor

Re: HSG80 Recursive Bugcheck.

Hi James,

Found the following notes for the above failure code.

A weird, rather obtuse hardware detection of an anomaly and the safest recovery is via a crash and reboot

A software anomaly. The software is designed such that a crash and restart is part of the strategy of safely recovering from certain situations. They don't happen very often, but at times it is safer to perform a crash / reboot / re-initialization of the controller firmware at a safe recovery point.

Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80 Recursive Bugcheck.

Hi James,

The description of failure code 028C0100 is "Invalid error status given to cache_fail."

Maybe you've got some failed cache DIMMs or your cache batteries are past their useful life...

Hope this helps,