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MDS-Brocade Migration HP-UX 11.11 w/ MC\ServiceGuard


MDS-Brocade Migration HP-UX 11.11 w/ MC\ServiceGuard

Hi all,


I am attempting to migrate a client running HP-UX 11.11 with MC\ServiceGuard (with voting disk in clusters) from an old McData SAN infrastructure to a new Brocade SAN.


I have pre-populated the zoning information to the new SAN, but am having issues getting downtime from the business side for the cluster reconfiguration & reboot to move over.


Anyone have a non-disruptive method of doing this? Any caveats or things to keep in mind? recommendations? Tips to reduce downtime?


VxVM / LVM mixture, no SecurePath or PowerPath


Server hardware includes N4000, rp5400, C7000 Blades


Current storage hardware is 5x HP EVA8000, 1x EMC DMX4


Thanks in advance