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Need help with Remote Support PACK.

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Need help with Remote Support PACK.

Hi All,
We have a customer thta has just recived 2 new 4400's. The customer also has an EVA 5000 running active/active 4.1 firmware.

The storage management Server is running command view 8.0.1 and managing all 3 sans fine.

The storage management Server has the legacy Webes and isee and is working fine.

We are an ABSP partner and the new agreement means we have to install the new remote support pack software and get ride of the old ISEE.

The customer has a dedicated HP systems insight manager Server running 5.02.2 as required and rsp installed.

The problem is that configuring the rsp pack that comes with HP SIM its suppose to return packages that you install for remote support of your products. This is not happening.
I have removed and reinstalled and same thing happens.

HAs anyone actually got experience with setting up RSP on the 2 sperate Servers (which is supported).
Before you ask I have tried to log a support call as an ABSP partner but have run into HP issues which have delayed this .

In the interim the ISee legacy has picked the SANS up fine.....but we have to migrate.

I have the documentation...from HP which is available to the public and its not overly helpful.

So that is why I am asking for Help.
Any support would be better that what I am getting at the moment.