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SAN Setup

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SAN Setup


I'm in the process of redesigning our SAN. We currently have 2 MSL5026 w/4-220 tape drives. 1 MDR and 2 8ports switches. We currently using Networker as our backup application (We also are going to switch to Backup Exec 11)

When i got hired in, this setup was already in place, i have no experience on SAN and would appreciate any help.

I want to upgrade the switches that we have now along with the MDR. I'm also deciding whether to upgrade the tape drives or replace the libraries with MSL 6000. But the most important thing is where can i find documentation to help me set this up in Veritas. I'm talking about from making the devices communicate via fibre, to setting the library up in Veritas. Sorry for such a broad question, but i'm really new at this SAN stuff and would really appreciate any help.

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Re: SAN Setup


Before starting to change things you should try to get a good understanding on how things are set up...

Can we assume that your Backup Exec server is a new server on the SAN ? If so, you will probably need to modify the zoning on your SAN switches to enable the server to see the MDR - zoning is a mechanism which is used to limit which devices on the SAN can talk to each other.

There is plenty of good documentation around. The SAN Design Reference Guide, is recommended reading, although maybe a bit technical if you're completely new to SANs.

Hope this helps,