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BIOS update Presario CQ5211ES disable SMART system?

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BIOS update Presario CQ5211ES disable SMART system?

Product Name: CQ5211ES
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)


A / A Support Department or anyone who can help me,
I own a Compaq Presario CQ5211ES (PRODUCT VS459AA-ABE SERIE CZX949F7BR).
I have installed a SATA Hard Drive Seagate 320GB on your computer. To replace the SMART system BIOS detects what it calls "imminent failure BIOHD HDD) for about bad sectors, a fact of which he was well aware, for wear using it on another computer as the main hard drive many years, disabling the system SMART BIOS to not have to endure the happy message and necessarily having to press F2 to the normal system load.
The problem arises when the Compaq Presario CQ5211ES want to disable the SMART system to avoid the above message and note that this functionality is idle to interact with it and to enable or disable my choice.
The computer has BIOS version 5.15 with the coming of the factory. I tried searching an update of that BIOS to try to activate the ability to disable the system SMART error detection.
The motherboard, as you know by the computer model and product specifications as contained in its website, is the M2N68-LA (NARRA6) Rev 6.01. Well, I tryed update the BIOS with the software that I could find in American and English pages, as in the Spanish web has been impossible, for this model plate but in any case the BIOS has accepted.
Therefore, I request the opportunity to provide me with a update of that in the BIOS you can disable the SMART function or any other method that makes it possible.
Sincerely and grateful in advance,

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Re: BIOS update Presario CQ5211ES disable SMART system?