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Chipset support

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Chipset support

Hello, i'd like to get HP's input on a matter that involves an old (2007) desk top, a Compaq Presario SR2170NX. This computer uses the ATI-Radeon 1100xpress chipset for intel processors. I find this fascinating.  Not really, not quite that geeked, but interested yes, to find that this desktop using this chipset can utilise cpu's from pentium 4's(cedar mill) to core 2 quad's(kentsfield). This is not what i read or heard, it is what i've done. I do use a discrete graphics card. Everything else mostly stock, no tweaked bios or altered MB.  this is old stuff, Compaq, ultimatly HP. may not care, but before i go bragging to my friends( geeked after all) or others i want to tell HP..  Compaq has been decent  and i want to be polite.  So, is this news, have i missed something, any suggestions? I am aware of the product specs webpages. So are a million parrots. Tell me something new.. Thankyou, charleshenry







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Re: Chipset support for Compaq Presario SR2170NX