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HP 560SFP+ bandwidth issues

New Member

HP 560SFP+ bandwidth issues

Hello All,


I am looking for help regarding bandwidth speed for my NIC/computer/software configuration.  

Computer: HP Z820 windows 7 64bit

NIC:HPE 560SFP+ 10Gb/s

Test Software: iperf3 


When i test the throughput  (using iperf3) from server to client , I can only get about 2.3 Gb/s for about 90 secs.  After that the through put goes up to about 8.3 Gb/s.  

Why does the connection start at 2.3 Gb/s and not 8.3?  Is there something in the NIC, BIOS, or windows O.S.? I can configure?


Note: while observing the CPU in task manager, one core is being utilized for the first 90 sec's 2.3 Gb/s and then the CPU core utilization decreases when the bandwidth increase to 8.3 Gb/s. it looks like three more CPU core increases utilization as well.


Re: HP 560SFP+ bandwidth issues

Hello @klat0n 

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