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HP 8570P Will not turn on

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HP 8570P Will not turn on

I have two older HP Elitebook 8570Ps which will not power on.  Our class is attempting to refurbish and give these away - also, they came without disk drives.  They now have 160GB drives installed (BTW, we received about 30 of these - only two are DOA).

When you plug it in and push the power button the caps lock button flashes and the four lights on the upper right turn on (the power button also lights).  After a few minutes the fan will also start.  Nothing else happens.

I have seen other posts and tried various things including:  a)  removing battery and power; holding power button down for 30 seconds; plugging back in, etc.  No dice.   b)  removing battery and power; pushing power button 10 times and then holding down for 30 seconds; replug and turn on.  No dice.   c)  connecting a more powerful adapter and even tried swapping out the battery to one that is fully charged.  No joy on any of these.  I even replaced the CMOS battery on one of these (didn't hurt to try) - still same outcome.

Any suggestions on what to do - or do we figure the motherboards are bad? 

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Re: HP 8570P Will not turn on

Hi @zoomjay ,

You have reached the wrong company for HP products. 

This community is for customers and friends of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which is an independent company.

For HP products, you may have to register and post in the HP Support Forums: or Please visit

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