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[HP Elitebook 8570w] Touchpad spamclicking at random

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[HP Elitebook 8570w] Touchpad spamclicking at random

So I've just gotten this HP Elitebook 8570w for my birthday, and it seems to work great except for one thing.

The laptop has two sets of mouse buttons, one above and one below the touchpad. The bottom is for the touchpad itself, while the top is for the TouchStyk.
The problem is that sometimes, for a reason I haven't discerned yet, the bottom set of buttons will start spamclicking if held down.

I can 100% confirm that this is an issue with the TouchStyk, as the TouchStyk buttons themselves are consistently spamclicking. Disabling the TouchStyk in Mouse settings does not fix this. My drivers are fully updated.

At the current moment, I don't have a fix for this. I was wondering if any of you do.
I apologize if this is the wrong board to post this in, as I am new to this forum.

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Re: [HP Elitebook 8570w] Touchpad spamclicking at random

Hi  @Qrtr ,

You have reached the wrong company for HP products. 

For HP products, you may have to register and post in the HP Support Forums: or Please visit

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Re: [HP Elitebook 8570w] Touchpad spamclicking at random

Oh, my bad. Sorry. I'll go ahead and do that.
Thanks for the response.