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Laptop with Dual Screen

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Laptop with Dual Screen

Is it possible to design new kind of laptop with Dual Screen? I mean while opening secondary screen (S) overlap to primary screen (P) and work as P-screen. And in dual mode P-Screen contain hinges (left / right side - I prefer the left) help to open S-Screen like door till 180° degree. Hinges and connector should have flip facility to make S-screen toward to you and opposite to you. If hinges on left side we should update windows make S-screen as primary monitor. 

The reason behind to connect you guys only, I prefer HP because of value for money. And for your team this idea will cost you not more than $120. Which help you to increase your sale with new implementation. Other companies’ laptop is already high price and this idea will increase the machine price too high that buying universal docking port and dual monitor with stand will be cheaper.

As I am from India and now a days in most of places desktop replaced by Laptop, however still 3 main things we miss with desktop, "Keyboard, Mouse and Dual Screen Option" and the reason behind we use external monitor and using universal docking port and dual monitor with stand take much place. 14" Laptop with dual flip screen may be ultimate idea to solve issue of Banking Sector (where 1 screen required to show customers), School (where 1 screen required to show students), and Developer where both screen with same size required for development, testing and comparisons.

Please let me know if this can be possible. I tried to come up with some design, however there is no option to paste images here. But your team is genius, and they can make 100 time better design, what I made.

Let me know your views.


Ashish Bajpai
Community Manager

Re: Laptop with Dual Screen


HP laptop computers are products of Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HPI). To connect with HP, please contact or the HP Support Forums. HPI and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are independent companies.

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