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Thin Clients - licences

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Thin Clients - licences

Hi Guys, 

I am very new with HP thin clients and citrix, we have inherit a citrix environment that is currently setup and manage via citrix director and HPDM version 4.7. The customer has just ordered 30 thin client on a remote site that is connected to the main office over the internet. The request from the customer if we can provide a USB device so that they can install the bootloader to point to the main environment.  I have couple of question that i am struggling to understand and was wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction. 

  1. Can the task sequence from hpdm once exported, be loaded on a usb and set up it as an installer to accomodate this and if yes, is there any documentations?
  2. How does the licences work on thin clients, are they normal as windows licence because everywhere am looking at is that we need to do ISO and let the thin clients boot from there but am uncertain on the licencing
  3. is there a better this can be achieve. 

thank you, 

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Re: Thin Clients - licences


You have reached the wrong company for Printers and PC products. You need to register and post in the HP Inc. Support Forum.
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