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Are CarePacks Universal?


Are CarePacks Universal?


For the past 12 years our company has been purchasing dl360 series servers in Canada, staging them here in the appropriate rack and shipping to global manufacturing sites (TurnKey).  As the servers reached there end of warranty I have been puchasing CarePacks in Canada for these servers. IRS recently reported a server issue at one of our plants in Mexico and an onsite repair was requested.  

Problem now is the dispatcher is telling me the call is billable because the carepack is only valid for services requested in Canada and we would have to ship the server back to Canada in order to receive HPE service.

We have always been told by the local HPE technicians ( now Gone) the Carepacks are universal and cover all HPE locations, Globally. I find it odd that we have been receiving HPE Global service on these systems for more than a decade, even as recent as 7 weeks ago at the same location we have just been denied Carepack coverage.

We have been purchasing the Carepacks through Insight and CDW, who haven't responded to our inquiries.


Anyone know if this is just the way it is now at HPE?




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Re: Are CarePacks Universal?

Hi Francis,

I am sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. If you can please send me any available Case numbers related to this through a private message so that the concerned team can reach out to you.


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