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Care Pack Central?

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Care Pack Central?

First -- I've never seen such a confusing hodge-podge of web pages and broken links in one place before.  The site appears to be navigable only by people who already know where they want to go.    I won't go into the many, many examples ...

I have a client that has a server.  Last year I bought a Care Pack.  The Care Pack expired on 31 Jan.

1) I was not notified ... probably because my money is unimportant to HPE

2) There is no place I can go on the HPE web site to find the actual Care Pack Part Number that was on the unit

3) There is no place I can go on the HPE web site to click a link and renew the Care Pack.

4) Nor, do I remember from last year, was there any way to link the care pack that was purchased to my account so I could monitor this.


I was given a phone number to call -- and the number was a recording that said if I wanted to renew a care pack I have to SEND AN EMAIL to -- because my issue is not important enough to rank being handled over the phone.


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Re: Care Pack Central?

Hi Darrel,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble renewing your Care Pack. Please talk to our HPE Sales Chat and they'll be able to guide you.


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