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HPE Community Pages Are Useless


HPE Community Pages Are Useless

The HPE Community pages are STILL, a complete mess. My status bar for my community user account and drop down boxes are on the bottom half of my monitor.  wat!?!  In that bar, I have a forum drop down, and a blog drop down.  You'd think that clicking Forum > Storage would take me to forum posts about storage.  Nope!  It loads blogs by default, and "Featured" blogs that are apparently super duper important.  

In other discussion forum sites, a person might see a question where they can help quickly, or add a quick approval or second opinion.  At this point, you're taking away the community's ability to help itself, and thus pushing everyone into your phone support queue where the messages and solutions are repeated over and over and over to siloed support tickets that no one sees.

If you make the forums easy to interact with, where people can share best practices, you might actually save on support staff costs and improve customer satisfaction. 

I honestly don't know what it's going to take for HPE executive leadership to understand the use cases of their websites, and listen to what customers are yelling at them to fix.