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16 Core DL580G5 with Ubuntu

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16 Core DL580G5 with Ubuntu

I've installed Ubuntu server 8.04 and have all of my RAM and 8 of my CPUs visible as expected. I've rebuilt the kernel to support 16 CPUs, but when I boot, I get as far as "Brought Up 16 CPUs" and then the system hangs. If I turn off half of the cores in the BIOS the system boots fine.
I'm fairly certain the kernel build is good, so I'm not sure what's causing the problems. Anyone seen a similar problem on another linux distro, or got Ubuntu working? The kernel I'm using is 2.6.24.
I've tried the usual args on boot to disable ACPI etc with no success. The BIOS appears to be the latest, dated 23/09/08.
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Re: 16 Core DL580G5 with Ubuntu

Hi Hayden,

Floowing link may help you:

Dont look BACK as U will miss something INFRONT!